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Good quality LED Gas Price Signs for sales
Good quality LED Gas Price Signs for sales
Hi Max. I received your mail. Your taxi led display is an amazing product. I am inquiring if you would allow me to be an agent and sell them here.

—— Mandi Bellardi

The taxi toppers I got from your company have more brightness than what I bought from other suppliers. The ads contents could be seen under sunshine.

—— Neil Boderman

3G remote cluster controlling is so convenient to operate that it helps us save a lot of workforce. You know, saving workforce means earn more money.

—— Carlos Villegas

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Company News
china latest news about Sphere LED Screen

Sphere LED Screen

[2016-06-03 16:54:36]
We develop Sphere LED Screen which can be applied for indoor event performance, stage live show, trade exhibitions and so on. It is perfect idea for branding and sales promotion campaigns by the help of innovative state-of-art technology. Customized: Your detailed inquiry can be realized by our ... Read More
china latest news about Outdoor Digital Led Signs

Outdoor Digital Led Signs

[2016-06-03 15:17:39]
Outdoor Digital LED Signs---OC-AD Series Short view Outdoor Digital LED Signs are mainly used in digital out of home advertising service. We named them “Outdoor Digital LED Signs”, short for OC- AD Series. Products in OC-AD series are divided into DIP and SMD according to different LED lamp type. I: ... Read More
china latest news about Stage Background LED Display

Stage Background LED Display

[2016-06-03 11:54:14]
Stage back ground led displays are being applied both indoor and outdoor. They gather superior vivid video quality with easy assemble and dismantle structure, Multi-purpose with one screen, traditional metal cabinet was gradually replaced by super-thin and light die-casting aluminum cabinet. Ocolour ... Read More
china latest news about Electronic Message Centers

Electronic Message Centers

[2016-06-01 18:27:59]
If you have been looking for the best, full color, indoor or outdoor Electronic Message Center (EMC) to promote your store selling; now it’s time to take advantage of our introducing. For those people who have shops and stores, the most important thing is where you shop locates. “Location, location, ... Read More
china latest news about Digital LED Signs

Digital LED Signs

[2016-05-31 14:22:45]
Established in 2008 Ocolour is an integrated Digital LED Signs service and solution provider to the sign and digital display industry. With customers throughout of China, Russia, Eastern Asia and North America, we help digital out of home advertising agencies, sign firms, advertising companies and ... Read More
china latest news about Electronic Message Board Signs

Electronic Message Board Signs

[2016-05-31 10:13:22]
Electronic Message Board Signs that you can grogram with your messages, and change any time you like. We have items for indoor electronic message board signs, window front electronic message board signs, and outdoor application electronic message signs. Indoor electronic message board signs Indoor E... Read More
china latest news about Reliable Dynamic Message Signs

Reliable Dynamic Message Signs

[2016-05-28 11:55:10]
Dynamic Message Signs, usually abbreviated DMS, is an electronic sign often used on roads or freeways to offer motorists information about special events. They are widely applied in intelligent traffic systems (ITS) in modern development countries. Since 2008, Ocolour has been the industrial leader ... Read More
china latest news about Curved LED Displays

Curved LED Displays

[2016-05-26 12:30:31]
Curved LED Displays Curved LED Displays bring an enhanced vision effect, something more interesting that the human eye is naturally drawn to. Why limit your brand campaign or sale promotion to a traditional rectangular screen? Ocolour conveys emotional connection and engagement to your outdoor ... Read More
china latest news about Window Led Signs

Window Led Signs

[2016-05-25 17:13:10]
Know as a semi-outdoor led display, Window LED Signs are brighter than standard indoor led signs and are designed specially to be placed inside a transparent glass window. With indoor led display convenience and outdoor high brightness and legibility, windows led signs can be clearly seen through ... Read More
china latest news about Outdoor LED Video Displays

Outdoor LED Video Displays

[2016-05-25 14:57:56]
Ocolour’s Outdoor Led Video Displays are the most versatile led video screens in the world. These outdoor led screens are ideal for most outdoor applications including, sporting events such as football game, Olympics, live music show, political speeches, shopping center advertising, and fairs & ... Read More
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