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Very Important Tips to Turn On | Off the Taxi LED Display

Good quality LED Gas Price Signs for sales
Good quality LED Gas Price Signs for sales
Hi Max. I received your mail. Your taxi led display is an amazing product. I am inquiring if you would allow me to be an agent and sell them here.

—— Mandi Bellardi

The taxi toppers I got from your company have more brightness than what I bought from other suppliers. The ads contents could be seen under sunshine.

—— Neil Boderman

3G remote cluster controlling is so convenient to operate that it helps us save a lot of workforce. You know, saving workforce means earn more money.

—— Carlos Villegas

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Very Important Tips to Turn On | Off the Taxi LED Display

Very Important Tips to Turn On | Off the Taxi LED Display



1. Install the taxi led display to the roof the taxi:

Tips: Please make sure to install it well: fixed and stable;


2. Start the engine of the taxi first;


Tips-1: When the engine of the taxi is started, it means that the generator of the car begins producing power to drive the all the electrical equipments both inside the taxi and outside the taxi;


Tips-2: If you do not start the engine of the car, the power in the battery will be consumed soon by the taxi led display. The battery is designed only to start the engine and emergency applications. The air-conditioner, the CDs, the lights both inside and outside the taxi is driven by the generator in the taxi, not by the battery.


If you often use the battery to drive the taxi led display, its lifespan will be decreased;


3. Connect the major wire to the pole of the battery:







4. Then start the taxi led display by opening it here:


Here the cigarette is designed to act like an on/off switcher:


(1) While you insert the cigarette into the slot, the taxi led display will open in a minute;

Tips: Within 1 minute delay design is to protect the generator of the taxi. As the starting of taxi led display needs lot of energy, we start it when the generator has begin producing power smoothly. It is also to protect the battery.


(2) When you want to close the taxi led display, you can take off the cigarette here;





5. The best way to send ads contents to the taxi led display is by using wireless 3G.


(1) Open the software “LedGo”: you will see the surface like this:


(2) click the symbol “+”:





(3) Fill out “192” and “64” here, as it is double-sided resolution:





(4) Then take the mouse here and click the right key of the mouse, then Create a image file or text or video:





(5) Then Click it here:





See the result:





(6) Then select the image of video that you want to display:





Then Click “OK”:





(7) Then Click “To web”:





(8) Select the number of your control card:





Then Click “Send”:





At last, it is successful.


When you want to send a video to it, it is the same way. There will two preconditions:


a. The taxi led display is on;


b. The sim card has data receiving capacity;




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